Amazing Courage
by Jade

I've always been impressed with Jim's courage. It's almost impossible not to be. I mean, look at everything that man's been through: his mother left him, his father and brother took advantage of him, his commanding officer set him up and his men in Peru died on him. The fact that Jim hasn't just up and left the human race yet is amazing.

Looking back, it's hard to believe that Jim was willing to let me Guide him. I know why he kept pushing me away. He was afraid that I'd leave him like everyone else had. But he still found the courage to let me in, even if he did put up quite a fight.

But I was completely blown away when he admitted that he loved me. Every person he's ever loved has left him, but he's willing to take a chance with me. He was willing to risk absolutely everything on the off chance that I might love him back enough not to leave him. I've never been more proud of him.

And this time, his courage paid off. After all, how could I not love him?


The End



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