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Rating: NC-17 (explicit touching but not super kinky)
A/N: Happy Birthday, Terri! Warning: many clichés ahead -- but they're intentional, honest! :-) Assumes Blair & Jim are in a romantic relationship of a healthy number of years. I started out writing something very different, which got too long and still isn't finished, so this was a quick something I put together rather last-minute.



Blair finished tying the loose knot in the soft belt liberated from Jim's bathrobe and sat back on his heels to survey his birthday present. Delicious.

"Mine," he told his prize huskily.

"Yours," Jim agreed.

"And you'll do anything I want," he said, with just a hint of question in his voice.

"Anything." Jim's eyes glittered as he looked up at his partner.

Blair rain his hands down the entire length of Jim's body, starting at the hands that were bound together over Jim's head...

...a finger along the strong jaw, then down to the collarbone that still made Blair crazy for no reason he could identify...

...a quick scrape of nails over already-hard nipples that had his captive squirming such that Blair had to devote his left hand to reminding Jim with a firm pressure on his thigh that he had promised to stay still...

...fingertips down the center of chest and stomach, to the merest of touches to the head of Jim's cock to collect a dab of the pre-come that was starting to flow liberally, and a pause to taste it, with a smoldering look at Jim's face...

... then down to Jim's legs, with a quick "hush" at his gift's moan of protest, ending with a few hard strokes with his thumbs over the soles of Jim's feet.

Blair could see that Jim was nearly vibrating with anticipation. He took long moments to take in the beautiful sight of the feast laid out before him, and to revel in the feelings of power and love and trust that his gift was giving him.

"Mine," he said again very firmly, and watched a ripple go through Jim's body in reaction.

Suddenly Blair leaned in and took Jim's cock into his mouth to the halfway point. He kept his left hand on Jim's thigh, and fondled Jim's balls with the right.

"God, Blair," Jim moaned, and Blair smiled around the hard shaft. He sank down another inch, then moved into an up and down suction that left Jim gasping. Perfect, Blair thought, and it was true on a number of levels.

He sat up once more, letting Jim's cock fall back to lay rigid against his belly, but continued to play with Jim's sac, pinching the skin lightly and rolling the balls between his fingers, sneaking down to tease the hole below from time to time.

"So..." he said slowly, seductively.

Jim gazed up at him with such a look of trust and desire that Blair had just a little twinge of guilt at what he was about to do... but certainly not enough to make him change his mind.

"Anything?" he asked again.

"Anything, Blair, but something, god, please," Jim answered a bit frantically.

"OK then. Repeat after me: Blair doesn't look a day over 26."

"What?! Blair, please!"

Blair let go of Jim's balls and inched back slightly, frowning at his birthday present.

"OK, OK, you don't look a day over 26. Please!"

Blair graciously took hold of Jim's cock and squeezed lightly, drawing a groan from his partner.

"Repeat after me: tofu is my friend."

"Christ, Blair, it's only your birthday, you didn't win the fucking Nobel Peace Prize or anything! Now shut up and fuck me!"

Jim started to bring his tied hands down from their position on the pillow over his head, but Blair captured the knot in his own hand and stopped the movement -- then fell over onto his captive's chest, laughing hysterically.

"You're weird, Chief," Jim said into the mass of curly hair tickling his chin once the laughter had died down to periodic chuckles.

Blair laughed again, then bit the nipple closest to his mouth and enjoyed the resulting squeal. He leaned up and got nose to nose with his long-suffering mate.

"Yep, crazy, crazy for you!" he said with a grin, and kissed his bewildered-looking gift soundly.

"Happy Birthday, Blair," Jim said when they broke for air. "I love you, even if you're crazy. You certainly keep me on my toes."

"That's the idea, man."

"But tofu is still not my friend," Jim added.



"Shut up and let me fuck you."

"Yes, sir."





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