Beau Geste

By Polly


Rating: G

Notes: Because, as a parent who's made my share of mistakes, I wanted to read some 'William Ellison is a good guy underneath' fic... Hey, did I mention my son got engaged last night? Whee!


"Dad, don't take this the wrong way, but have you lost your mind?"

"I'm not senile yet, Steven." William Ellison grinned wryly at his youngest son as he hung up the phone. "You think I'm behaving out of character."

"Well, yeah. I mean, you haven't exactly been the guy's biggest fan, and now you're hiring a lawyer for him..." Steven shook his head. "I don't get it."

"Sit down, son, there's something you need to hear."

William patted the sofa cushion next to him and waited. Once Steven was comfortably settled, William took Steven's hand; an action that startled his son's eyebrows into flying up.

"Dad, you're scaring me."

William actually snickered, then gave Steven's hand an extra squeeze when Steven tried to yank it away.

"Sorry, sorry. Just had the thought that this emotional bloodletting stuff must be contagious. Look, Steven, the truth is, Blair Sandburg did lie... at his press conference, when he said his thesis was fraudulent. Your brother really does have enhanced senses. He's had them all his life."

Steven gaped at him then blinked, obviously thinking, and William saw the moment that it all fell into place.

"Jesus, Dad, I remember- Jimmy used to- he could always- So it's true, which means Blair-" Steven stopped babbling and took a deep breath, eyes going wide. "Shit. What he did-"

"Was as great an act of loyalty as anything I've ever seen... and I can't ignore that. I'm going to get this mess straightened out for that boy, because I owe him."

"Think Jim will let you?" Steven gave him a sideways smirk that William cheerfully returned.

"I'm betting I can have it taken care of before Jimmy even finds out, Steven."

"Let me help?"

"You're on." William shook his son's hand with great ceremony. "We Ellisons are quite capable of making the occasional grand gesture ourselves."

"Yeah, we are."


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