Blood Red
Caro Dee



Warning: ANGST, Hurt/Ambiguous Ending




I watch the drop form and trickle slowly down his pale forehead. It's distracting, and that's important right now. I'm not feeling too hot myself, and I've got to keep the pressure on. At least his heart is still beating, even if it is getting slower and weaker. So long as it's still beating though, we're gonna be okay, Chief.

Blood's real pretty -- shiny, wine-red, glistening. Beneath the surface, though, it's all kinds of colors. The red blood cells range from bright red to purplish to almost blue -- must be the difference in oxygen. White blood cells are more yellowish white. Other things float in the pale, clear, yellow plasma, things I don't have names for. Bet Blair would know.

I can't feel my leg anymore. I tied my belt around it to stop the bleeding, but with the circulation cut off like that, it's gone numb. I'm not going anywhere, so that's okay. Not leaving you, Blair.

Can't tie a belt around where Blair got hit... just above the right hipbone. I've got the pressure on to slow the bleeding. Right now I'm staring at the head wound. Doesn't look too bad. They say head wounds bleed like crazy, but they're never as bad as they look. That's good. That's good.

The drop's about to run into Blair's eye. If he opens it, it'll really sting, so I wipe the blood off with my cheek. Can't let up on the pressure. Don't worry, Chief, I'm taking good care of you.

I can hear the ambulance in the distance. They'd better hurry. Blair and I are getting so tired....


The End



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