Boys and Their Toys

By Maaaaa


A/N: Thank you spacepixell for the quick beta. :)


"There's no way this is gonna fit." Blair stated emphatically.

Jim looked back over his shoulder. "Yes it will. Try again."

Blair's face contorted in concentration and his tongue corkscrewed like a five year old trying to color within the lines. "No way man, it's too big."

"Damn it, Sandburg, my back is killing me," Jim panted. "Just put it in so we can get this show on the road."

"Do you have any idea how big it is?" Blair asked.

"Yes, I know how big it is," Jim answered testily. "I'm the one who picked it out."

"All right," Blair stated sarcastically as he arched his eyebrows. "If you say so."

Jim shook his head as he felt Blair fumbling around ineffectually behind him.

"For chrissakes, I'm ready to go, here! Just stick it in!"

Blair took careful aim and gave a hearty thrust, missing his target completely.

Jim groaned as he felt a dull poke on his left butt cheek.

"Oops. Sorry." Blair apologized as he chewed at his bottom lip. "Maybe if I try a different angle…"

"For cryin' out loud," Jim growled. "Give it here. I'll put it in myself."

Blair stepped back and shrugged haplessly as Jim turned around.

The older man gave Blair a sour look as he yanked his backpack off his shoulders, snatched the football from Sandburg's hands and deftly slid it into a side compartment.

"There," Jim stated triumphantly. "I told you it would fit."


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