Breakfast & Dinner
by Winds-of-Dawn (WoD)





Slash or Gen, your choice



Scrambled eggs. Firm. Just the way he liked it. Toast. Lightly browned and buttered. Jam on the side. Orange juice. Coffee. Must never forget coffee. Straight -- no milk, no sugar. No sweetening up, no lightening up. Basic, no nonsense. Just like him.

"Come and get it, man! Breakfast is served!"


Bamboo shoots. Sliced chicken. Carrots, sweet peas, cashew nuts, bok choi... which mushroom should he use? Rice, cooked just right, not too firm, not too mushy, just like he liked it. Tea -- jasmine or oolong? Delicate, yet complex. Subtle, elusive, exotic, yet unobtrusive. Just like him.

"Chief! Dinner in five!"





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