By Moonglow

"Twenty says he doesn't make it." Jones from Vice sneered as he watched the detective from Major Crimes pick up the weapon and check the sight.

"I'll take that." Joel indicated to the squat man to hand over the cash, ignoring the gathering crowd; a mix of Vice and Major Crimes detectives. It had been their Captains' bright idea to have an adventure weekend to promote interdepartmental harmony, but all it had served so far was to highlight the rivalry between them.

The campsite had a definite line drawn down the middle, and no amount of cajoling and barked orders had been able to separate the work partners. Even Blair's normal enthusiasm for new experiences had been tempered by some of the snide comments directed towards him. He'd laughed them off but had become slightly subdued, which pissed off his friends, because that pissed off Jim Ellison. And a pissed off Jim Ellison made everyone nervous, especially when there were woods and shovels around.

The betting pool had grown to two hundred dollars by the time Simon stepped up and plucked the notes from Joel's hand.

"Just let the man take his shot, will you?" he looked over to the two men standing next to each other in front of the targets and then dug into his own pocket, glancing at his counterpart from Vice. "Fifty says he gets the bull."

"Bull what? Unless you got a moose hidden anywhere in them woods." Bennett snorted, pulling out his own wallet.

"Actually, it would be elk, but we're a bit too far south for.." Blair's fledgling lecture was quelled by the glares of the two captains. He shrugged and turned back to his partner.

"You can do this, you can do this," he was heard muttering until a hand on his shoulder finally silenced him.

The group behind watched as the sports bow was picked up and an arrow notched on the string. Back and arm muscles flexed as it was drawn back, one eye closed to focus, breath expelled the same time the arrow was loosed. Whistling through the air, it thudded into the straw target, dead centre, as Jim had known it would be. He used the cover of their friends gathering round to congratulate them to brush a warm hand over Blair's ass and felt him jump slightly before giving a tiny wiggle against his fingers. A smug smile spread over his face.

"Knew you could do it, Chief."


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