By Whose Authority?

By Polly


Warning: B&D, bad language, not-nice fic.

Notes: Read the warning. This came to me as I was putting my freaking Tupperware away and thinking furious thoughts. I'm a bad fangirl.


Blair had realized long ago that Jim had to stay in control. The Tupperware, the house rules, the 'stay in the truck' - all symptomatic of Jim's need to direct his environment and be 'in charge'.

Blair understood; particularly since Jim struggled with sensory spikes, zones, and lack of choice where Blair's presence was concerned.

Moaning, Blair surrendered to the pleasure of Jim's touch and let it camouflage his internal dialogue.

This would be over soon. Jim would remove the handcuffs, blindfold, and ball gag.

Blair would be free to leave.

And Jim could fucking choke on his dominance issues.


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