by Karya42


Blair Sandburg stood quietly, pondering his several choices.

Jim had had a bad week. A murder case with more twists than an Ellery Queen novel. His senses had overloaded while he had been chasing a suspect through a warehouse at the docks. When Blair got to him, the detective had been on the edge of a zone. After they had gotten back to the station, there had been pressure from the top brass for a solution to the high publicity case. There were no leads and no help from the suspect arrested at the warehouse. Oh yes, Jim probably deserved a break. Blair thought to himself that perhaps he should be a good friend and guide and help his Sentinel.

But then, Blair hadn't had such a great week himself. The Anthro 102 class had been given their midterm exams and only five people out of 75 had achieved over a 70. After that, Blair had been called to the department head's office to defend his exam and prove that it had been right at level for the class. An hour of arguing later, the department head had apologized but still required that Blair give another exam. The next day had been the now infamous warehouse chase in which he had to go after Jim and pull the Sentinel out from a near-zone. His aid had not been un-rewarded as he was taken hostage by the suspect and held for two hours at gunpoint. If anyone deserved a break, he surmised, it was grad student Blair Sandburg.

//But Jim is my friend and it would be only polite...//

//He yelled at you for getting out of the truck.//

//He didn't mean it. Even apologized later.//

//Sure at the hospital, after you were treated for being beaten up by the psycho of the week.//

//Besides... you want it...//

//You deserve it.//

//I deserve it.//

//Hell with being the good guy all the time.//

Mental debate over and his decision made, Blair reached out reverently and picked up the last remaining cr?me filled chocolate donut off the plate. Grinning, he took a slow bite, savoring the rich chocolate and sweet cr?me.

"MMM..." He hummed with delight. "I'll by Jim some more later."

Still humming gleefully, he Blair settled down to enjoy his treat.


February 2004



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