Collecting the Evidence
by Nicci

“Chief, could you *not* do that please?”

Blair shuffled round under the quilt and peered at his friend through narrowed eyes. He couldn’t help fidgeting. He had to get the circulation back to his feet somehow. Jim was huddled beside him on the couch, only the top half of his face showing over the covers. Outside, the blizzard rattled the windowpanes, howling plaintively through every crack in the wood.

Why did the power have to pick the coldest night of the year to go down? Lights were off right across the city. At first it wasn’t so bad, Blair had an inexhaustible supply of candles, and the wood-burning stove was well stocked. They had pushed one of the couches over and positioned it in front of the stove, but it wasn’t enough to heat the perimeter; the bedrooms and the bathroom were still freezing.

Blair was still fully clothed in an attempt to stay warm, but Jim was clad only in boxers, so he deserved to freeze! Blair thanked God for every instance when he had been gifted with even the tiniest glimpse of that beautiful, perfect body, but sometimes, it took all he had not to drool. It was a miracle that he had managed to keep his burning desire to screw his sentinel right through the wall a secret. Blair brought his hands out from under the quilt and blew on them but it didn’t make much difference.

“Quit squirming - you’re causing a draft.” Jim complained.

“Well maybe if you put some damned clothes on, you wouldn’t feel so cold.” Blair snapped. Sitting this close to the half naked man was making his pulse race.

“I don’t like feeling restricted in bed.” Jim explained reasonably. Blair thrust his hands back under the quilt and stuffed them between his thighs.

“You’re not IN bed Jim. And if you plan on spending the rest of the night here with me on the couch, then I think you should put some pants on.” Blair tugged at the quilt, exposing Jim’s shoulders.

Jim tugged back and a struggle ensued, ending with both men tangled in the quilt cover, most of the quilt itself having fallen to the floor. Jim retrieved the quilt and threw it over them both. “Still feeling cold?” he grinned, watching Sandburg wriggle into a more comfortable position.

During the impromptu tug-of-war, Jim had realized that his good friend and guide was more than a little turned on. His own answering twitch of interest had surprised the shit out of him. Sure, he was attracted to the kid, who wouldn’t be? All that soft curly hair and the baby blue eyes, but he had never seriously considered perusing it. Sandburg was a tomcat, sniffing around any female he could find. Jim had been watching for signs that his friend might like guys too, but until now, no evidence.

And as a cop, he was aware of the necessity for having the evidence in hand before you made your arrest. That gave him an idea. Grabbing the startled man by the shoulders, he managed to get Blair lying flat on his back.

“Body heat.” He growled, letting his weight settle over his trembling friend. Ah – and there it was, the ‘evidence’ poked against Jim’s belly.

“Jim!” the kid squeaked. “What the hell are you doing…?” Detective Ellison gyrated his hips, collecting even more *hard* evidence. Blair groaned and threw back his head, and Jim captured his lips in a bruising kiss. When they pulled apart, Jim reached between their bodies, and tugging aside Blair’s sweat pants, he made sure he had the evidence firmly in hand.

“Blair Sandburg, I’m arresting you for withholding information regarding your sexual orientation, thereby obstructing an officer of the law in the pursuit of his orgasm...”

Blair writhed. Pleasure sleeted though his body as Jim’s hand began to move slowly. “…You have the right to get naked, if you forgo this right, the arresting officer may perform a cavity search. You have the right to remain silent, but I doubt you’ll manage it.”

Blair confirmed this with a low moan, followed by Jim’s name, whispered under his breath. Jim picked up the pace, his own voice becoming a little strained. “How do you plead to the charge?”

Blair opened his eyes and gasped. “Oh God! Jim, please…”

“Ah!” Jim grinned. “You plead… very nicely,” He captured his own cock against Blair’s and began a punishing rhythm. “But I find you… guilty… as charged… Blair… oh God!” he groaned raggedly. Sandburg’s mouth fell open as he felt Jim’s rhythm falter.

“Can… can I appeal?” he asked breathlessly. Ellison bucked against him, gasping as he came, “No! It’s a life sentence, Sandburg.” He slumped against the younger man, breathing hard against his neck. Blair felt his own release spread its warmth across this belly and groaned. It took a while for them to get their breathing back under control.

“Jim, it’ll never hold up in a real court. You tampered with the evidence.”

Blair squirmed out from under the sentinel and used his wasted sweat pants to clean them both off. Then Jim lifted the edge of the quilt so that Blair could snuggle up next to him. When they were both comfortable, Jim kissed the top of the curly head resting on his chest. “I meant what I said about a life sentence, Blair. This isn’t just a moment of madness for me. I love you.”

Two dazzling blue eyes captured and held his gaze. “Wow, Jim – that’s beautiful, man. You know I feel the same way right?”

The sentinel wrapped his arms around his guide and squeezed. “Well that cinches it – you are so going down Blair.” The younger man grinned but was too exhausted to lift his head from Jim’s chest.

“It can be arranged, man.” He said sleepily. Jim sighed. Finally he had enough evidence to bust Sandburg’s ass.

The End



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