by Ozsaur

"So, what's for dinner tonight? I'm starved."

Blair stood up from Jim's desk and hefted his back pack to his shoulder.

"I know it's my night to cook, Sandburg, but I think I'm going to ask
Simon out to dinner. He just signed his divorce papers and I think he
might need to unload on someone who's been there. You mind?"

"No, of course not," Blair glanced at Simon's office, "Looks like he
could use a friend."

"I'll cook something special tomorrow night, Chief."

As he headed toward the office, Blair called after him, "How 'bout that
chicken with lemon pepper sauce? That will make up for being forced to
eat Wonderburger tonight." Jim took a moment to make a rude gesture at
his roommate who only laughed before heading out the door.

"Hey, Simon. Dinner? My treat."

Simon looked up from the envelope he was still holding. "Not tonight,
Jim. Some other time."

"C'mon, Simon, how often have I taken you out for a steak dinner?"

"Steak, huh?" Simon cracked a smile then sighed as he turned the
envelope over in his hands. "All I have to do is mail this in and I'll
be a free man. But I don't feel free, I feel like a failure."

"You're not a failure, Simon. Sometimes, things just fall apart no
matter how hard we try to hold them together."

"That's just it. Did I really try hard enough? I've been asking myself that
question since Joan walked out. Could I have done something different? Hell if I
know." Simon tossed the envelope into his brief case and snapped it shut. "Let's
get outta here."

As they walked toward the elevator, Jim put his hand on Simon's
shoulder. "Why don't we get a drink before dinner?"

"Yeah, and maybe a couple after."

He squeezed Simon's shoulder. "Consider me your designated driver."


The End



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