Dare Worth Taking

By Heidi

Jim sat staring at the fire, watching the flames dance. Playing around he focused his vision and watched the colours change the closer to the log. Sandburg sat on the other side of the fire presumable scribbling in his journal by the light of the fire. He'd already yelled at his partner before about the fact Blair was going to ruin his eyes, but as usual, he hadn't listened and kept on scribbling.

As he continued to watch the flames his conversation with Carolyn the week before came back to him. They'd talked about Blair. They'd talked about his feelings about Blair. And they had talked about what she observed to be Blair's feeling for him. She'd even gone so far as to dare him to do something about it. //I dare you to act on your feelings for him// she'd told him. He'd never been one to act on a dare. He was far too practical for that. But there was something to this one he couldn't dismiss let alone get out of his head. Watching Blair through the flames, he though about how he'd never seen his partner as relaxed as he was right now. He could almost hear Carolyn's voice in his head saying, 'Do it. Do it now.'

"Jim... Jim! Come on, Jim..."

"I'm not zoned, Chief," he answered when he felt Blair's hand on his shoulder.

"Sure looked like it to me," Blair commented as he plopped down next to Jim.

"Just thinking."

"About what?" Blair asked, his curiosity getting the better of him.


"What? Who?" Blair asked confused as to what Jim was talking about.

Jim shook his head. "About who, not what." Focusing on his partner, he heard Blair's heart speed up and wondered why. Blair rarely showed any kind of reaction to things like this.

"Okay, about who?" Blair asked again, trying to get to the bottom of what had Jim so focused he looked like he was zoned.

Keeping tuned to Blair and his reactions, Jim answered, "Carolyn, or rather something she said to me."

"Oh?' Blair said trying to be nonchalant, while he wondered what Jim's ex-wife had to say now.

Noticing the spike in Blair's heart rate, Jim continued, listening for more clues from his partner, "She called me on something and dared me to take action."

"She dared you?" Blair asked surprised. "You don't do dares," he added knowing fully well it wasn't Jim's type after he'd tried to dare Jim to do things in the past.

"No. I don't. But this one... well... it could be a dare worth taking," he answered focusing on Blair and what his reaction was. He heard Sandburg's heart speed up and for the first time this evening smelled pheromones. Was Carolyn right? He moved closer to see if he could get anymore of a reaction from Blair.

"What...uh... was the dare?"

Jim took in the increase of pheromones and smiled. Carolyn had been right. "This..." he whispered leaning in to Blair until they were inches apart, pausing only to check that he hadn't been wrong and that Blair wanted this too, before touching his lips to Blair's.

"Oh...." Blair said breathlessly when they pulled apart. "Definitely worth taking."

Jim smiled, sinking his fingers into Blair's long curls and pulling him closer for another kiss. A longer, deeper kiss. Yeah, he owed Carolyn dinner for this one. For once he was really glad he and his ex-wife had remained friends.


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