Double Jeopardy
by Maaaaa

“What is Darjeeling?”


“What is Oolong?”


“Camellia sinensis.”

“Question, man.”

“Oh, yeah—stupid rule. What is camellia sinensis?”

“It’s not a stupid rule just cuz you forgot it.”

“If the point is to give the correct answer, then it’s a stupid rule to have to say the answer in the form of a question.”

“Not the hair, man.”

“Don’t roll your eyes and give me that look.”

“Damn—we missed the next answer.”

“What are tisanes? You missed it, junior. I was paying attention.”

“Way cool, man. You filtered out my voice…”

“Comes in handy sometimes…”

“And you focused in on Alex’s instead…”

“She’s nowhere near here, Chief…”

“Trebek, doofus---Alex Trebek…damn! Did you catch that one?”

“Doofus? Did you just call me a doofus?”

“Ouch, ouch, ouch! Let go of me, man!”

“Say uncle.”

“Jesus, Jim, your are so juvenile. Ow! Okay, okay! Uncle.”

“What is Sencha Brancha?”

“How should I know?”

“Because it’s that nutty tasting Japanese tea that you searched all over the Pacific Northwest for.”


“And it’s the last question, or answer, in the ‘Teas of the World’ category.”


“The category that you said I’d know nothing about.”


“It’s the answer that just won me a reprieve from bathroom and laundry duty for a month.”

“Shit. Quit laughing. Tomorrow, we watch Wheel of Fortune.”

“Double or nothing, Einstein?”

“You’re on.”





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