Entries and Exits

By Hawthorn


Warning: Partner betrayal - My first ever TS posting... and could it get gloomier? (sigh) Sometimes the muse ain't kind. Hope I get the posting part right... please bear with me.


Ellison stared resolutely toward the water, the words of their last argument filling his head. Sandburg had been furious that he'd read his personal journal. Had accused him of violating his privacy... and his trust.

The last had sparked Ellison's response. The harsh words that had driven Sandburg out into the night had been ugly. But he'd been right to say them. Sandburg had no right to write about him that way... "unyielding", "self-centered", "rigid".

Still seething, jaw muscle jerking, the Sentinel stared out as he listened to the silence of the empty loft. He'd been right... hadn't he?


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