Fastest Gun in the Northwest

by Hyperfocused


"Jim, please" Blair put on his best placating voice to talk to the man currently hiding on the other side of the bathroom door. He understood how his partner felt, but enough was enough.

"Go away, Blair." Jim's voice was gruff, irritated, but Blair knew it was more embarrassment than anything else. He could practically see the blush starting on the tips of Jim's ears. Blair tried to stop thinking of how he'd been licking said ears not half an hour ago. That was sort of the problem. Neither of them could stop thinking about it. All the things they'd been building towards in their years long dance from researcher/subject to observer/cop to what they were now, he hoped. Partners in every sense of the word.

"Come on, Jim, It's ok. Really. It could have happened to anyone." Blair sighed and waited for a response.

:pause:: "But it didn't happen to you, Chief."

"No, Jim, it didn't." Hmm, he had a point. "You know, sex is a two way street. Why don't you come out here and help me? I really need you.

"Even though I came like a god-damned teenager?" Jim asked.

"I doubt your average teenager is dealing with heightened senses like that. Neither of us should have been surprised. Besides, you did that because of meDamn that's flattering. Not to mention, hot."

Blair grinned at the picture Jim had made; red faced and yelling, but definitely not angry. Blair's hands and chest were still sticky, another reason he wanted to get into the bathroom. That particular appeal was waning.

'I like watching you, too, Chief" his partner admitted, "I always have."

"You can do more than watch, man, if you'll just come out. I promise! You can help." There were some places they guided each other.

Blair backed up a step as the bathroom door finally opened, revealing a still blushing -- but smiling -- Jim. He beamed back at Jim, and leaned up to kiss him.

"You O.K, big guy?" he asked, when they pulled apart to breathe.

"Yeah, but you're not. C'mere, let me take care of that." Jim led them both towards the couch. "Forgive me?"

"Always, man."





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