Final resting place

By Bluesky


Rating: G Not a death fic.

Notes: The end of all things Were do Sentinel and Guide go when there too old to be the watchers of the great city?

First line from Quiet Truths by Alee.


Courage isn't facing your enemy, it isn't looking down the barrel of a gun into your opponent's face Its knowing when to walk away. To fade into the past, not with a bang, not even a whisper of a whimper.

"Jim?" Blair said softly not sure how sensitive his sentinel was at the moment. His hearing had been out of control for so long.

"Yea, Chief. Be right with you." Jim took a long last look at his once home. The loft had always been sort of stark, he had liked it that way, simple. But even the near minimum of what he own was too much any more. It was time. He smiled to him self. He had never thought of the future like this. He had never anticipated a life beyond the PD, or retirement. Of being...

Useless. Old. Too fragile for the simple day to day of living. He was older. slower, not gray, but balding. Things bothered him more. The sounds and smells of Cascade were like a to tight shoe. He sighed and picked up the light bag, the remainder of things that was his The rest had been given away or sold. He had a brief regret for his fishing and camping things. but he would not need them, not were he was going.

"Come on Jim. I know. I'm going to miss this place too. It's been ... My home". Blair pick up his bag, a bit heaver, filled with books and papers, and the back pack that had his meager clothing.

"St. Sebastian's is going to have every thing that we are going to need. And your going to be a natural for running it." Blair gulped down a brief distant pain. "Brother Marcus would have wanted it that way."

The two now old men headed out the door and into the well earned rest and retreat of obscurity.


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