Food for Thought
by Ellisonbabe


Blair hauled himself up the last step, “I swear that elevator knows when to break down” He reached the loft door, he looked down at the many shopping bags he was carrying, trying to decide whether it would be easier to kick the door in or put the bags down when suddenly the door swung open and Jim appeared in the opening.

“Geez Jim you nearly gave me a heart attack” Blair walked over to the kitchen and dumped his carrier bags on the floor.

“Sorry. I heard you coming up the stairs and it sounded like you needed a hand” Jim shut the door and walked over to the bags “what the hell have you got in here? You only said you were getting a few things” Jim peered into the nearest bag - containing fruit and a few cartons of yoghurt.

“Yeah well, I was but I went to that new food store on the corner of 69th – you know we drove by it yesterday- to see what it was like….” Blair started to put the shopping away.

“Oh that one.” Jim smiled “and you going in there didn’t have anything to do with that cute shop assistant who was giving the flyers out by any chance?”

“Oh so you did notice” Blair retorted “Mr I’ve got my eyes on the road”

“Hey I was just interested in what got your attention at least I didn’t make it so obvious” Jim opened the fridge and grabbed two beers, one he handed to Blair.

“Neither did I” Blair took the bottle “and you know I wasn’t ogling – I was reading the window poster”

This time it was Jims turn to laugh. “Yeah right” He took a long sip of beer “and I’m the tooth fairy”

“I was.” Blair turned round to look at Jim “I was. They were advertising the “Fair-Trade” products they sell. They’ve got quite a comprehensive range”

“Fair-Trade?” He turned to look at Blair

“ Its a brand where retailers pay third world farmers a better going rate for their produce, be it coffee or tea, chocolate, dairy produce, fruit etc. Its too enable them to work at a profit not a loss, unlike most of the other retailers who pay them peanuts and then hike up the prices for their own profits”

“Always looking out for ways to help the under dog” Jim smiled and picked up the last bag,
“someone has to else they just get walked all over – and it makes the consumer feel better about themselves, like you know you’re doing something for a good cause ” Blair reached over and took the bag out of Jims hands “ that’s for a test I thought of”

Jims face fell “A test? I thought we were just chilling out this weekend – We’ve both had a hell of a week – I was looking forward to some quality time with you. Just you and me. No PD or Rainer stuff to get in the way. Now you want to do some tests….”

Blair squeezed Jims arm and grinned

“Hey, ya big lug, don’t get all grumpy on me. You don’t know what’s in the bag”

Jim looked at the bag “Do I want to??????”

Blair reached in and pulled out a box containing a harmless looking luxury chocolate cake.

Jim looked puzzled “what the….”

“I thought it was time to test the theory that chocolate is supposed to better than sex…”





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