A Major Crime After All

By Heidi

Blair followed Jim through the house, looking around at the total destruction of all the furniture and what might have been expensive art. 'Why are we working this case? I mean the place is a mess but shouldn't it be handled by burglary?" he asked stepping over the remains of a broken vase.

"I have no idea, Chief. We just are," Jim answered, pulling his sunglasses off as he walked further into the house.

"I mean it's a crime and all and I'd call it a major crime from the havoc wrecked on the house but why us?" Blair continued as he walked through the living room, noticing the Asian decorations and possibly valuable art that lay in ruin on the floor.

"Maybe they wanted your opinion since it looks like it's expensive," Jim said absently walking into another room.

"Not my area, Big Guy. Wrong continent completely," Blair declared, nudging a piece of Buddha statue aside with his foot. "Bad karma, man," he muttered quietly.

He found his Sentinel standing over what appeared to have been a cabinet full of records. "Oh man," he said softly, stopping next to where Jim stood. He could mourn the loss of music as much as he could ancient artifacts.

"I was wrong, Sandburg, we do belong on this case after all," Jim said without looking at his partner as he remained focused on the destruction at his feet.

"Man, we handle auto theft ring, diamond thieves, that kind of this. Unless these people had diamonds or something, we don't handle simple burglaries," Blair reminded Jim of his job, knowing he'd get some kind of sarcastic retort from Jim.

Ignoring Blair's sarcastic job description, Jim explained "Those were Santana Albums. Original vinyl. Destroying them *is* a major crime."

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