A Tragedy

By Heidi

Blair watched as Jim walked around the truck taking in the damage their latest car chase and subsequent crash had done to the old blue and white ford. The once spotless hood was no crumpled from running into the brick wall. The bed of the truck was horribly dented in on both sides bringing them almost in to the center to meet. He hadn't been able to get out of his side of the truck after it had been rammed by another one of Cascades finest.

He'd slid across the seat and hopped out which is where he found himself now, leaning against the side of the truck. Watching. He didn't need Jim's sentinel senses to hear Jim's muttering about fixing the truck. The only thing was there was no repairing the truck. It was beyond help. Finally he stepped away from the truck and walked over to where Jim was muttering about fixing the hood and rebuilding the radiator.

"Jim?" Blair called getting his partners attention. When Jim looked at him, he simply said, "It's dead Jim."


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