By Ainm


Rating: PG for language

A/N: OK, obviously this challenge sent us all to a very similar place. :-) I wrote this response today before I read everybody else's response, and while there is an obvious similarity ;-), I thought it was different enough to warrant posting. Plus hey, it's only 150 words, it won't kill you. :-) Set well past TSbyBS, and while I slashers can always make something into slash ;-), there's nothing beyond gen in the actual ficlet. :-) Oh, and it's dialog-only.


"It's dead, Jim."

"You aren't helping, Sandburg."

"Come on, man -- almost any situation can be improved by a Star Trek reference."

"Shut up."

"Look, I know this is hard, but you can handle it -- hell, you've had plenty of practice."

"Do you think maybe they can repair --"

"-- Jim. No. You've got to let this go, OK? There's no hope."


"You can do this, Jim. How many times have we been in this spot over the years?"

"I don't know, four?"

"I think this is number five, actually."


"So, have you given any thought to what color the new truck ought to be?"

"Well, I was thinking... blue."

"I guess there's something to be said for consistency..."

"Yeah. That's why I keep you around, right?"

"Right, Jim. Just part of the scenery. Come on, stop sniffling and I'll take you to Wonderburger, my treat."

"Thanks, Chief."

"Anytime, man."


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