By Kumagorou1983


Category: Very mild crossover (as in name only)

Author's Notes: Okay, for those of you who have never heard of or experienced a glomp before, I'm not sure how much sense this will make. Let me just assure you that if you don't know its coming it is very startling and can easily knock you off your feet. O_o Oh any and all mistakes in spelling and gramer are completely my own...I just got off work and saw the challenge and was inspired. ^_^ Anyway, on with the story.


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"Hey, Chief?" Blair looked up from his reading at the strange tone in Jim's voice. Jim sat in front of Blair's laptop, staring at the screen with a confused look on his face.

"Yeah, Jim, what's up? Something wrong with the computer?" The last time Jim borrowed Blair's computer it ended up with enough ad-ware to cripple it till Blair could get the poor thing cleaned up.

"What's glomp mean?" Jim looked toward his roommate waiting for an answer.

"Errrr...why do you ask?"

"Because when I turned on your laptop, before I could stop it, AIM signed on and then before I had a chance to turn off the thing, someone named SpaceMonkey said star-glomp-star and I was wondering when it meant...And who's SpaceMonkey, anyway?"

"Oh, that's Daniel. He's an old friend from my undergrad years. He had some very interesting ideas on the Egyptians..."

"Oh no, Darwin, you're not changing the subject." Jim carefully sat aside the laptop and turned to face his friend. "You're heart rate spiked when I asked what glomp meant, so I know its gotta be good."

As Blair's face slowly started to redden, he tried to explain, "Well, it's a greeting that's very, uh, enthusiastic and it's kinda a run/jump/hug thing. It's not really something you can put into words. Just let Daniel know that you're not me, and then shut off AIM." He quickly picked back up his book and tried to look like he was deeply engrossed in it.

After a few moments of typing, Jim interrupted Blair again. "So show me."


"Very eloquent, Chief. I said show me what this glomp thing is if you can't explain it."

"Are you, uh, sure Jim? Didn't you want to look some more stuff up online?" The deer caught in the headlights look almost made Jim take pity on him, but curiosity won out.

"I can do that stuff after you show me. Come on, Chief, just show me what a glomp is and then we can drop it."

"Okay, Jim, okay. Uhh...move the couch and table back a bit and then stand in the middle away from the furniture. Good, now turn and face the balcony. A true glomp is hardly ever seen coming."

Jim took his position and Blair moved to the other end of the room. The only warning Jim had was the quick running of feet and then suddenly he was jumped from behind with arms thrown around his neck and legs around his waist. He lurched forward a few steps to keep from falling over and finally steadied himself and Blair, whom was still wrapped around him. "What the hell was that?!" Blair carefully untangled himself from Jim and carefully regained his own footing. "That, Jim, is a glomp."


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