It's all in the Stacks

By Taibhrigh

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"Chief!" Jim called.

Blair poked his head around the corner of his door. "Yeah?" he asked, hoping that they weren't being called into work. He hadn't heard the phone ring. Then again, he'd turned the ringer off. They both needed a day off from crime fighting. Crossing his fingers he hoped Simon hadn't called Jim's cell phone as he eyed his own sitting on his desk.

"Couldya come here for a sec?" Jim asked.

His voice sounded relaxed and since there was no "Sandburg, grab your stuff we have a case" he was sure that wasn't it. Just wasn't sure what *was* up. "Sure thing, big guy," he said, walking into the living. "What's up?"

Jim was sitting on the sofa, flipping through the tv guide. The remote control was in easy reach and Blair knew his partner would soon resort to channel surfing. "As fond of your little eccentricities as I am," he said, not moving from what he was doing. "Care to explain why we're trying to re-enact the library scene from the Ghostbusters?"


Jim grinned and pointed off to the corner and several newly installed floor to ceiling wooden shelves. "The five or so knee high stacks of books over there."

Blair stared. The shelves had not been there before, nor had the books. Oh, he recognised the books--some fiction and miscellaneous non-fiction, but mostly his old school books. But, the shelves...when had Jim done that. Granted this morning the whole building could have come down around him until after he'd finally gotten up and had that first cup of coffee.

Jim laughed. "You were out of it this morning," he answered the unspoken question. "Guess the decaf was a bad idea," he joked, flipping the tv on. "Guess it's back to the caffeinated or my Guide won't be able to operate, huh?"

Blair snorted, but wasn't about to disagree, he just continued to stare at the shelves.

"Just put them on the shelves, Chief. And forget about it. Just because you're not," and he left he rest unsaid, "doesn't mean you have to stop studying or reading. And when you overflow those, we'll find a place for more."

Blair turned to look at his partner, and then looked back at the shelves. "Thanks," he said, quietly, his mind still trying to put things in order even as he began moving toward the empty shelves. "Thanks," he repeated.

"Oh," Jim said, stopping his channel surfing. "I borrowed this one," he said holding up a paperback with a woman holding a gun and the face of male vampire on the cover.

Blair grinned and shook his head. His partner's tastes in fiction ran just as wide as his own. "Sure, Jim," he said, putting the first set of books on the bottom shelf. "And, if you like that one, I've got the whole series here somewhere."

He worked for the next few minutes. Moving books around until they were in some order that probably only made sense to him. He placed the last book and took a step back. "Thank you," he whispered Sentinel soft.


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