Omission, Commision

By Ainm


Rating: G

This drabble follows Bunny, but really doesn't have anything to do with it -- but it's a direct follow-on to Unseen Truths. If you haven't read that... well, I'd say that you won't have a clue except everybody else had the same idea today so maybe you will. :-) Blair is having a crisis of conscience.

(And yes, I have achieved a header longer than the fic. FYI. :-) )


"You lie, Sandburg!"

Days later the words still ring in my ears, though I can barely remember the context. It wasn't anything important -- I think I was telling a particularly lively "native customs" story in the break room, and he wasn't accusing me of anything, just expressing disbelief...'s my guilty conscience that keeps replaying his voice... I do lie. Do I lie? Why should I lie? I should lie...

And it's a lie only in what I'm not saying... a sin of omission rather than commission, as it were.

I guess the question is... are we better for it?


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