Revenge is Sweet

By Blair_babe

Trudging down the hall to the loft, Blair couldn't wait to go in and grab himself some tongue that his mother had left from her last visit, and bean sprouts. He knew Jim had gone out for the night, and couldn't wait to have the whole night to himself.

He walked in and saw that the kitchen table had a stack of plain white boxes on it. He eyed it curiously for a minute then, threw his pack in his room and went to inspect the boxes.

Blair opened the top box and found the whole box was filled with jelly donuts. He shrugged, moved the box aside and looked in the second box. More jelly donuts. *Wonder if Jim's bringing these into the precinct tomorrow. *

He opened the other three boxes and found they had jelly donuts in them as well. Figuring Jim got conned into bringing donuts in for everyone somehow, Blair shrugged and went over to the fridge to get out the left over tongue and sprouts.

His eyes widened as he stared at more white donut boxes in the fridge. Boxes and boxes of donuts. He looked through the fridge for his tongue and sprouts, but found nothing but more boxes of jelly donuts.

“Lose somethin' Chief?’ Jim asked, starling his partner.

“Uh yeah. What's with all the boxes of donuts Jim, and where'd the tongue go that I had in here? In fact where'd all the food go?’ Blair asked, turning around and facing Jim.

“Oh I ate the tongue. It made a good sandwich, especially with those uh, what do you call'em, sprouts. Yeah it was really good. The donuts are for you Chief, I thought since you liked them so much, we could just eat those from now on.’ Jim told him.

“Jim it's not healthy to eat donuts all the time. It'd be a major crime for your health, man.’ Blair said, hoping to get rid of the boxes of donuts.

“It's more of a major crime Chief, for you to eat my last strawberry jelly donut. Now if you want that stuff you call food back in the fridge, you'd better start eating those donuts.’ Jim said with a smirk.

“That is soo wrong Jim. I can't believe you´d do this to me.’ Blair whined.

“Next time don't touch my last jelly donut, Chief.’ Jim told him told him.

“I'm not gonna want to look at another donut after this.’ Blair said looking at the boxes of donuts.

“Ah revenge is sweet.’ Jim said as he walked away.

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