Snark Attack

By Ainm


Rating: G

A/N: There's about no redeeming value to this, but when I just went to remind myself of what the lines were for the challenge, suddenly the guys started having this big argument -- I just wrote it down, y' know? :-) They used both of the challenge lines, but in a sense the challenge wasn't met in that I still have no idea what they were talking about, as we come in in the middle, and leave before the consequences are felt. Feel free to comment to tell me your guess. :-)


"Give me a break, Sandburg!"

"It wasn't me, man, I'm telling you!"

"And I'm supposed to believe that."

"Jim! Yes, you're supposed to believe that. Me. Believe me. Believe me about that."

"You get more credible by the minute."

"Come on, extend me a little trust here!"

"Because you've proved so worthy."

"I have, damn it!"

"In other things, yes, but not when it comes to this."

"I didn't touch it, honest!"

"And who did, pray tell?"

"Umm... Rafe!"

"Mm hmm."

"I'm serious!"

"If you have to tell me you're serious, you're probably lying."

"Jim! You wound me!"

"Get over it."

"I can't believe you're being so uptight about this!"

"So speaks the guilty."

"I am not feeling at all guilty."

"Because you have no conscience."

"I swear, Jim, you're just showing no sense of humor here at all."

"And I should why?"

"You're going to grow old and crotchety and mean, that's why. It's really not that big a deal anyway."

"So you're admitting it finally?"

"Well... Rafe did help."

"Now that I'll believe."


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