Sorrowful Even Unto

By Polly


Rating: G

Warning: character death, NOT J/B

Notes: I feel like I should apologize because everybody else has found humor in the words, but I, too, am a Trekkie and any time Bones had to say this to his Jim, DeForest Kelley made us feel how much it hurt...


They'd been at the hospital most of the day, so when the phone rang hours later they looked at each other with fearful apprehension.


//He's dead, Jim. He never woke up.//

"Aw, God, Daryl. I'm sorry." Jim rubbed his stinging eyes. Blair gave a half-choked sob and Jim held out his arm, needing the support; glad when Blair huddled into his body and hugged him back. "We can be there in-"

//No, don't. It's not- He had- had arrangements in place. The funeral home has someone on the way to pick him up and I'm about to go- go ho- home.//

"We'll come get you," Jim decided to Blair's nod, heart aching at the grief that was strangling Daryl's words. Simon's stroke had been so difficult for Daryl, but he'd been a rock throughout it all, making tough decisions and standing by them. It helped some that he and his dad had previously discussed the 'what ifs' in detail... but nothing helped what he was now enduring.

Losing Simon wasn't going to be easy for any of them.

//Jim, you don't have to-//

"Please, Daryl," Jim insisted. "Let us do this for you and Simon. He'd want to know-" that we were taking care of you, Jim finished in his head, his own throat closing as reality started sinking in.

Gone. Simon was gone. Jesus.

//Yeah, okay. Thanks, Jim. I'll be- be out front. I gotta get outa here-// A sudden intake of air heralded a fight against tears that Jim knew the proud young man didn't want him to hear.

"Twenty minutes," he promised hoarsely before Daryl hung up.

Blindly, he turned into the arms that were waiting to hold him, letting himself take comfort.

He'd find the strength to give it soon.


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