Time to Meditate

By Heidi

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The tribal music thrummed around him, echoing through the loft. He gathered the candles in shades of blue in varying heights and set them in a cluster in the center of the coffee table. The last thing he did before lighting the candles was to go around and turn off the lights. He stood near the last light and waited in darkness until his night vision kicked in before crossing the room. He'd learned his lesson the first time he'd turned the lights out and tried to immediately cross the room. He suffered the indignity of sporting bruises from running into the sofa and tripping over the ottoman. He'd also suffered through Jim's teasing for longer than the bruises lasted.

It was at times like this that he wondered what it was like for Jim. He could see the shapes of the furniture and would know where to walk and where *not* to walk. But without dialing up, what could Jim see? Was it normal night vision? Did Jim see better at night overall? He'd have to ask Jim sometime what it was like for him.

Pondering his latest questions Blair made his way through the room back to the coffee table. Feeling around the table, he found the pack of matches he'd placed there. The match flared to life giving light to the darkness. One by one he lit the candles. Once that was done, he sat down, cross-legged. The music swirled around him as he watched the flames dance. He let him mind wander slipping into a meditative trance.


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