Too Many Sweets Are Bad For Your Health

By Blair_babe

A major crime had been committed, and Cascade PD´s best detective would never know about it. There wouldn´t be a single clue at all. The counter top, where the victim had met his fate, was gone over with scotch tape. Picking up every last possible clue. The floor received the same treatment. The killer was satisfied when the tape was just picking up dirt and not the victim´s blood anymore.

A white noise generator was used to keep the detective from hearing the moans and groans. Grinning, the killer slipped to the bathroom to rid his person of anything left on himself, unaware of eyes that watched him from the loft.

The sacrifice had been made to finally catch the killer in the act. “You´ll get your just desserts in the morning Chief. Eat my strawberry jelly donuts will you. I think someone needs to hear the rules again.’ The detective mumbled as he crawled into bed and planned his own major crime.

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