By Moonglow


Rating: G

Notes: Looking at the disk I had this saved on, the last time it was worked on was February 2004! I keep meaning to finish it, but when that will be is your guess as good as mine. Takes place just after Murder 101.


Megan Connor watched from a distance as Blair stood awkwardly beside Jim's desk and saw his lips moving, hands thrust deep in his pockets as if to keep his hands from doing their usual dance. Jim's stiff back softened as he turned to his partner and she didn't need enhanced senses to see the effort that was being made to try and get things back to normal between them.

"They okay now?" a gruff voice beside her interrupted her thoughts.

"I don't know, you can never tell with Sandy." She glanced up at Captain Simon Banks.

"You mean you haven't asked him?"

"I don't like to be nosy."

"Never stopped you before." He snorted, clamping his ever-present cigar between his teeth.

"Something did this time."

"Come on." He guided her towards his office and shut the door behind them, "Talk."

Megan sighed and sat in the chair opposite his desk, not knowing really where to start, or how much detail to go into.

"This thing with Ventriss really got Sandy worked up." She started.

"I know."

"And you and Jim didn't help." She decided to burn her boats and waited for the explosion.

"I know."


"I said, I know. I'm not stupid, or I wouldn't have my own office. Telling Sandburg to not make it personal is like expecting him to cut his hair; it ain't gonna happen."


"Tell me what happened in Sierra Verde."

"You've read the report."

"I've read the Ellison version, now tell me what really happened. I wasn't there for the whole thing."

Megan signed again, wondering if she could get away with doing a Sandy on her boss, but the look on his face put paid to that idea. Reluctantly, she told him exactly what had transpired, from the time Jim had deserted them at the campfire to when Alex Barnes went into meltdown and the following takedown of the bad guys by Jim.

Simon stared at the cigar in his hand, acid burning in his stomach as he replayed the events of the last few days; Sandburg's anger, his vulnerability, the lack of sympathy from both him and Jim, all boiled down to a lack of communication. Jim wouldn't talk to anyone, and Sandburg was floundering in a sea of silence. Simon could only hope that Blair was big enough to forgive Ellison, but somehow thought that it would be a long time before he earned back the trust that he'd lost.


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