Turning Gears

By Taibhrigh


Blurb: Blair reflects

Note: Might be a prequel to Lunch Plans, you can decide. But it's not necessary to read Lunch Plans to read this.


When I look back at it all, I was stupid. There is no real nice way to say that about myself. I can change the word to dumb, thick, dense, dim, or brainless--that one's my current favorite. I mean, I had to know, right?

I had to know, somewhere in this mind of mine, what the consequences of finding a sentinel would be. I just had too. But the possible fortune and glory, truth and proof of being right about tribal protectors overrode any thoughts of danger. Of the risks to anyone who knew the sentinel, or even to myself.

And then bam, I found my holy grail, and he was even mine, my sentinel. The thing in my life that I had been searching for, a part of me that I didn't even realise was missing. Yet, I kept up the brainless, dim-witted act. But academia had been my life for so long. I wanted to show the world that I had been right and not off chasing myths and legends. Even after coming up with the perfect fall back thesis. It would have been the perfect topic too, even if I'd gone native on that one as well. Jim says I should publish the thin blue line stuff using a pen-name. I wonder if that would be a mistake.

"Snap out of it, Chief, we're here. Besides, I can hear the gears in that head of yours turning."

I blink, and sure enough, Jim is parking the truck in front of WonderBurger.

"And," I can already hear the warning in his voice, "I know what you're thinking about, so stop it. Or, no chocolate shake for you. Past is past. We can't change it."

I nod, I know he's right. Plus I'll be damned if we're going to eat here and I not get my chocolate shake. "How's Burton Richards sound as a pen-name?" I finally ask.


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