End to an Era

By taibhrigh

Blurb: Blair and a 12:01am movie


It was always the same--the anticipation, the hoping, and questioning--even with this last one. This supposed end to a era. Blair vibrated with excitement as the lights darkened, the curtains around the screen re-adjusted, and the fanfare for Twentieth Century Fox sounded through the theatre.

When the yellow text and the intro music started he felt himself transported back to when he was a kid. Almost everything of the real world melting away to nothingness as the sights, sounds and feelings on the screen captured his attention. He wanted to pickup a lightsaber and join the battle.

Blair smiles to himself with that thought, even as the mood on the screen darkens, for he can see his partner right their with him battling the bad guys and being part of the rebellion that would follow.

He wished that Jim was sitting here watching with him; after all, Jim was a closet Star Wars fan. That too made Blair smile again. But he also knew his partner wasn't one for a 12:01am showing of anything. Plus, the crowds would be bad for Jim's senses

Almost three hours later, when the lights lifted he was almost skipping out to his car. Yep, I'll be seeing that again, he thought. An early morning show to make sure his partner to could come too.

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