Getting Ready
by Caro Dee



"Hey, Sandburg, you almost ready there?" Jim called down from his bedroom.

"Yeah, Jim. Almost. Just putting on my makeup."

Oh, Jesus. Was Sandburg going in drag? Jim didn't think that was such a hot idea. The kid might be accepted in Major Crimes, but there would be cops from other departments at the party as well, and the word would get around. Oh well, Sandburg was a big boy. He could take the heat.

He put on the cap, setting the angle carefully. Strapping the gun on over the pillow took some tugging, but the pillow sagged beautifully over the belt. Jim was pleased at the effect.

He strolled down the stairs and over to the bathroom just as Sandburg came out. He wasn't wearing drag at all. The makeup was warpaint and he was wearing an Indian costume with fringed and beaded fake suede and a feather headdress.

Sandburg took one look at Jim and burst out laughing. Jim grinned, pleased at the response. He was wearing a uniform with an ID badge hanging from the pocket. The pillow and the uniform cap pushed way back on his head gave him a kind of amiable, dumb look.

"What the hell are you supposed to be?" Sandburg gasped, still giggling like crazy.

Jim drew himself up to full height, then slumped and pooched out his belly. "I," he announced with dignity, "am a security guard, a night watchman, a..."

"Sentinel?" guessed Blair, grinning.


"Jim," Blair said, still grinning. "What am I?"

"Well, you're an Indian, Chief."

Blair waggled his eyebrows and waited for it.

"Oh, yeah. Chief! Good one."

"Hey, I grew up on The Village People, man! Could have been worse though." Blair snickered. "I could have dressed like a fish and gone as a Guppy."

Jim groaned. "Oh, yeah? Well, I could have gone as a Jaguar and eaten you in one gulp!"

Silence fell for a moment and they stared at each other. Jim felt a distinct flash of heat and then Blair dropped his eyes, blushing.

"Um, I think we'd better go or we'll be late."

The moment was gone and Jim didn't know if he was disappointed or relieved. On the whole, he thought, relieved. "Yeah, Chief. Let's go. Megan will be pissed if we're late."

It turned out to be a great Halloween party.





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