Hawaii Five O



A/N: The reason for the title will become apparent when you read the first line of the story. This is my feeble attempt at humour.


"Book 'em, Jimbo," the small man said with a smirk, prancing around the two detectives.

The remark earned him a sour remark from both men.

"Hey, I always loved that line," he said.

The taller of the two men passed their prisoner to his partner and went and loomed over the small man, who cowered away from the glare he received.

"Nobody *ever* calls me "Jimbo" and lives," the big man rumbled menacingly, earning a gulp from his prey.

The shorter of the two detectives had passed the prisoner onto the uniforms by now. Said prisoner was beginning to feel like the parcel in a game of pass the parcel, but having seen the attitude of the two men who had just arrested him, there was no way he was going to complain.

Having got rid of the scumbag, the shorter detective turned his attention to his partner and the still-cowering small man. He walked over and patted his partner's arm. "Come on, Jim, that guy's not worth hassling, leave him be."

Jim reluctantly allowed himself to be pulled away from the small man, giving him one final laser of death from his ice blue eyes before he turned his attention to his partner. "All right, Chief," he said, "I'll leave it, this time." This last was directed back over his shoulder at the small man, who was now a gibbering wreck. Jim then put an arm around his partner's shoulders and led him off to their truck. "How about Heathen Vegan for dinner tonight," he suggested as they walked away.

That remark earned him a fanny pat from his partner. "Just tell me one thing, big guy," Blair murmured as they reached the truck.

"What's that, Chief?" Jim asked, smirking at Blair as he opened the door for his partner.

"Promise me I was never that bad, when I was an observer!" Blair pleaded.

Jim got in his own fanny pat as Blair climbed into the passenger seat of the truck. "No way, Chief," he said, "you were ten times worse." With another smirk, he shut the door on a gaping Blair and crossed round to his own side of the truck.


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