Healing Friendship

By Ceci


A/N: This scene takes place after the events in my story Scars. You may want to read it to make sense of this one.


Henri had been shocked. He couldn't believe he hadn't noticed - or that Rafe hadn't told him earlier. At first he had felt hurt that Rafe had told Blair, but when he found out the circumstances when Blair had found out, he didn't anymore. Now as he listened to Rafe talking about his life after the attack, he understood why he hadn't wanted to tell anyone.

"I...I couldn't even remember my own name. Well, I could remember my last name, but not my first."

Henri swallowed. So that's why you prefer to be addressed by your last name. "So..uhm, did your memory return or did someone have to tell you all those things again?"

"It returned, quite forcefully too. For my burns, at least there was morphine. The pain of the memories once they came back, though, couldn't be numbed. Well, the pain did fade over time, and by the time I joined the academy, I didn't think about it 24/7 anymore."

"That's good."

"Yeah. But I was still ashamed. Now I feel ridiculous for trying to hide it from you guys. I shouldn't have, but I was afraid you'd reject me."

"Man, we wouldn't. I'm sorry you didn't feel safe to tell us, but I'm glad you're doing it now."

Rafe looked at him and smiled. "So am I."


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