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Here I Am

By Ellisonbabe


Cat: inferred slash but can be gen also

A/N: things keep popping up in strange places, what can I say!


The first time he found it was when he was making breakfast. He'd just got his cereal and went to get a spoon out of the cutlery drawer and there it was -a tatty, dog-eared book with a brownish cover - sitting there as if it was a normal everyday kitchen utensil.

"Uh chief?"


"Is this yours?"

"Is what mine?"

"This book"

"What book?"

"The book in the knife drawer!"

"What does it look like?"

"A book"

"No shit! I meant what sort of book is it?"

"How the hell should I….oh wait…. It looks like a journal"

"Oh. so that's where I left it"

"It's yours? What's it doing in the drawer?"

"I must have put it in there by mistake"

"YOU put YOUR journal in the drawer by MISTAKE?"

"Yeah, sorry"


The second time he found it, a day later, was when he went to get the new weeks TV paper off the rack; because Blair had been talking about some great programme that they just had to watch - only he couldn't remember when it was on.

"Hey chief."


"You left your journal lying around again."

"Uh? Oh sorry."

"You should be more careful."

"Yeah - I'll try"


The third time he found it, two days later, he had just started the massive pile of paperwork they'd both bought back from the dept.


"What's up Jim?"

"Your journal"

"Thanks Jim"


The fourth time he found it, a day later, he'd spotted it sitting on top of his desk in the Bullpen.



"Do you WANT your journal to be PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE?"

"Its one thing to leave it out at home, because it's not like I'm going to read it, but you're JUST asking for trouble leaving it here"

"Sorry Jim"


The fifth time he found it, the very same day, he had gone upstairs to change - as they were going out for a meal to celebrate Blair's 35th birthday. The journal had been put on his pillow, open at the last entry - dated 5 days ago.

"Uh Bla…"


The End

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