Hold the Sprinkles

By Ainm


Rating: R for innuendo

A/N: I contemplated not participating in this week's challenge, because I really didn't want to wallow in disappointment. So I found something else for the boys to wallow in. :-) It's dialog-only, which is rather unfortunate given the subject matter, but hey, it's me -- I rarely write the juicy bits, sorry! :-) And please excuse the ridiculous title -- no sense holding up posting a measly 140 words for want of a decent title! ;-)


"Holy shit."

"You better mean that in a 'that's so hot' way and not a 'that's so stupid looking' way, Sandburg."

"Holy shit -- I can't believe you really did it."

"You asked me to."

"Don't sound so put upon."

"I am put upon, very literally -- and it's sticky and awful and if you don't stop torturing me here I'm going to smear it all in your hair."

"I'm sorry, man, I just... thanks, Jim. It really means a lot to me that you'd be willing to do this for me even though it's sticky and awful and embarrassing. Don't worry, it might feel that way now, but it's going to be sooo much fun coming off... mmm, chocolate sauce and whipped cream..."

"Sorry, I forgot to get the sprinkles, Chief."

"Don't worry -- I think I can handle the disappointment."



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