By Ophelia

"But Jim! I just do not understand why you get this way every year."

"Because every year, you want to do something different for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Don't you believe in just staying at home and having a nice quite evening?"

"You just want to hibernate like the bare you become."

"Keep it up and I'll start to growl." His glare backed up those words. "I just don't want to get caught up in the holiday's madness. My family and I are not close, I don't see the need to keep rushing from store to store."

"It's the Holiday's man, enjoy them! All of them."

"And by enjoying them you mean spending too much money, going from store to store getting headache after headache." He held up his hand in protest.

"No Sandburg, not this year, I just can't bring myself to do it. If I need something I'll get it on line, but aside from that, it's me and the loft with some OT working into the New Year to help out."

"I just don't get you man."

"And maybe that's the problem." He walked away leaving Blair to wonder just what the new year might bring.


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