Holiday Enthusiasm
by Ainm





A/N: A quick offering for the holidays while I still have time. FYI, I have two other holiday stories on the Slash Advent Calendar, which will be going up at my site at the end of the month. Happy Holidays!



"Stop fidgeting," growled a sleepy voice.

"Sorry, Jim" came the much more awake and perky apology. But in under a minute he was shifting again.

"Sandburg, it's --" Jim opened one eye to check the clock, then closed it again "-- 5:26 and we don't have to go to work today. Go to sleep."

"But Jim... it's Christmas!"


"Don't you want to see what Santa brought you?"

"Did you revert to a six-year-old in the night? 'Cause that's a disturbing thought."

"Come on, man, don't you want to lie under the lights of the tree? You can even go back to sleep if you want."

"Sandburg, you're Jewish."

"Well, yeah, more or less. But Christmas is kind of an American tradition -- plenty of people in this country who aren't Christian do the whole tree-and-presents thing in addition to their own cultural observations, especially if they have kids who are experiencing peer pressure over it."

"I don't need a kid -- I have you. House rule #114 -- no lectures before sunrise."

"Sorry, man, I just... I really want to give you your presents."

"The best present you could give me would be some undisturbed sleep," Jim grumbled.

"OK, fine, I get it, I'll be quiet," Blair said softly. He scooted to the edge of the bed and lay there very still.

Moments later a strong arm reached out and pulled him across the bed and against Jim's chest.

"Sorry, Chief -- I was just teasing, really. Maybe if it were 6:30 or 7:30 I might have managed to be funny," he said with a self-deprecating laugh. "But I do want to exchange gifts with you... and if you need to do that when it's still dark out, I can do that. Though you can lie under the tree; I'll settle for a nap on the couch afterward -- easier on the back."

He gave Blair a firm hug, which was enthusiastically returned.

"Maybe you could make some coffee?" Jim suggested.

"Sure, man." Blair tried to leap out of bed to comply, but Jim held him fast.

"Just a sec," Jim told him, then pulled him closer and kissed him thoroughly. "Merry Christmas, Blair. I love you."

Blair clung tightly to Jim's neck a moment more. "Best present ever," he whispered, then ran to make the coffee.





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