I Said No, Sandburg!

By Castalie


Warning/Story Notes: I'd say this is sweetly cliched, but it seems to be a theme that I find amusing, so there *g*


"I said no, Sandburg - what part of NO didn't you understand!" Jim shifted a bit on his seat and turned his attention back to the building they were supposed to watch, going for silent and dismissive, hoping Blair would get the hint.

Of course he didn't and Jim's harsh words and supposedly deadly glare were beautifully ignored when, in a move that would have made even the best black op soldier proud, Blair freed his lover's cock from its denim prison, forced Jim to lift his hips so that he could push pants and briefs down at his convenience, and swallowed him whole - using all his best tricks immediately and going to town, so to speak.

There was not a lot one Jim Ellison could do at this point, except curse at least once to show that disobedience was not a polite thing to do to your partner and just accept the fact that he was in for a ride.

Jim looked down at the head bobbing up and down on him and groaned at the erotic sight and the oh so sexy sounds of his lover sucking him. He didn't utter a word though --intelligible, that is-- just let his hips do the talking for him. Pushing up and down in time with Blair's own movements, Jim fucked his mouth in earnest, showing Blair how much he turned him on. Jim's hands then firmly fisted in his lover's hair to add new sensations --for him, but also for his Guide, who liked it when he was manhandled this way-- and roughly clenched and unclenched them in a steady rhythm. He surrendered to the pleasure - ecstasy even, of Blair's talent at sucking him and felt as if his whole body was just one huge nerve. The younger man had always known how to use his mouth, and it wasn't just to offer the world the wonder of obfuscation - oh no!

Blair knew how to play with him, knew what pleased him the most, knew his reactions by heart and took advantage of the knowledge as only a long-time lover knew how. Jim always felt as if his cock was worshipped by the younger man; there were no other words for it. There wasn't an inch that didn't receive attention - he was sucked, tongued and played with, endlessly, maddeningly. His balls weren't neglected either and, as he lifted his hips higher to give Blair more room to manoeuver, they were licked, touched, caressed and rolled by talented tongue and fingers as well. He couldn't help but shiver at the sensory overload that his lover was creating for him, waiting for the moment when it would get too much - hoping it would be soon because he was so close, he wanted to come and he wanted to come now.

As if reading his thoughts, Blair used his Best Trick as they both called it, that thing with the back of his throat that always got to Jim. Time suddenly stopped for the older man and when he finally came, it felt like an explosion of senses and cells - his whole body was exploding in a million little pieces of ecstasy.


After what seemed an eternity but hadn't lasted more than a few seconds, he looked at Blair, who was sensually licking his lips with a completely satisfied look on his face.

"So," Blair started slowly, looking smug and entirely debauched, "will you revise that oh so stupid 'no sex in the truck' rule?"

"I guess I will," Jim replied, his voice hoarse. He was still attacked by thousands of little peaks of pleasure - it felt like his whole body was humming.

"See, I told you that every rule was negotiable. Depending on your motivation."

"You're such a smug little shit, you know that?"

Blair didn't answer - just smiled and ghosted his hand over Jim's spent but over-sensitive cock, making him shiver.

Jim kissed his lover deeply. "You never do anything by the book, do you?" he whispered.

The touch became more insistent. Blair leant forward and nibbled his lover's ear, blowing on it softly. "And don't you forget it."


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