In This Moment

By Spacepixell


A/N - This little piece was written in response to my Maaaaa's 'There Was A Time'.


In This Moment.

In this moment of waking, I lay here, the cusp of awareness tingling.

The room is cool; the sun is beginning to tease my eyelids. My skin is bare. I shiver.

In this moment of waking, I briefly tense.

I momentarily fear the reality I know to be, become but a dream, to wisp away with the fog of sleep.

In this moment of waking, I take a deep breath, and release.

Scents waft over me. Warmth floods through me. His scent. His touch. I lick lips still tingling with the sensation of his kiss.

Peace washes over me.

I open my eyes and smile.

In this moment, I have Jim.


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