It's a Joke, Right

By Ainm


A/N: Warning! This ficlet is... bizarre. :-) It's rather experimental, a dialog-only conversation between three people -- three people who hijacked the thing and drove it somewhere weird. :-) It's perplexing me a lot, but it's cracking Jim up (and Rafe, he's just rolling), and he wants to post it, it seems. Certainly me fiddling around with it anymore isn't making it make any more sense. It was supposed to be fun & silly, but perhaps it will read to you as just stupid & confusing. Blame Jim this time around -- I feel like I had little to do with the thing. :-)


"No way -- this has got to be a joke, right? Rafe, man, tell me it's a joke!"

"How would I know? You live with the guy."

"Right, which is why I say it has to be a joke! Come on!"

"Really, Chief, I don't understand what you're so worked up about -- it's no big deal."

"Yeah right! I'm not buying it. If this is a thing you do, how come I haven't seen you do it before?"

"I haven't been in the mood."

"Three years, Jim! We've lived together three years and you've never been in the mood? Shut up, Rafe, you know that's not what I meant!"

"Sure, Blair."

"Jim! This is just ridiculous!"

"Why, Sandburg? It's just a harmless hobby I picked up along the way. Now settle down, you're going to hurt yourself."

"Picked up along the way? Oh, yeah, right, I bet you were undercover as a hobo and a kindly old bum showed you the ropes by the light of an oil drum fire in the train yard."

"Chief, you're being an idiot, just wanted to point that out. No, I wasn't an undercover hobo, I was in the Army, and it was a kindly old staff sergeant."

"Um... that might actually sound plausible."

"Gee, I wonder why."

"So, prove it."


"Show me how you do it."

"Now? That would be a little hard, Sandburg, here at the station."

"Ha -- I'm right, you can't!"

"Do you have happen to have one with you, Darwin?"

"Oh. Yeah. Hmm. Shut up, Rafe, it isn't that funny."

"Sure it is -- why are you so sure Jim can't play the harmonica, anyway?"

"It's just -- it's just so not a Jim thing!"

"Says who, Chief? Because I am Jim, and I say it's a Jim thing."

"But --"

"Look, Sandburg, you might think you know a lot about me, and in some ways you do -- but you'd be the first to admit I play some things close to the vest, right?"


"So doesn't it make sense that there are things that you haven't found out about? Some things that maybe just haven't come up yet, or that maybe I wasn't ready for you to know about?"


"He's got a point, Blair."

"Shut up, Rafe. Jim, you're scaring me, man -- what else aren't you telling me?"

"Make up your mind, Sandburg -- am I lying, or hiding things from you?"

"I don't know -- both, probably! You can't play the harmonica, but you're actually a stripper on the side!"

"Nah, tried it once, it didn't work out."

"You did?!?"

"Of course not, Rafe -- that was a joke."

"Oh, right."

"I can play the harmonica, I was never a stripper, and that's all I'm saying."

"Jim! Don't leave me hanging like that, man! It's going to drive me crazy, trying to figure out what else you haven't been in the mood for for the last three years!"

"Who knows, maybe I have been in the mood and you just haven't noticed."

"Oh god."

"Maybe we better take this discussion home, hmm?"

"Oh god..."

"Good luck, Blair -- I think you're going to need it!"


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