by Ainm





A/N: Warning! The sap is running high this week. Sappy, schmoopy, and kinda sucksome. But hey, sometimes you just have to give in. :-)



"I don't care how healthy it is, Chief, I will not eat another turkey, yogurt, and sprout sandwich."

"How can you pass up this great roast turkey?"

"I'm sick of it, and we're out of gravy."

"It's only been three days..."

"I don't care -- maybe my Sentinel taste buds need more variety or something."

"Like a WonderBurger?"



"Well... how 'bout cranberry sauce instead of plain yogurt?"

"That all-sugar jelly?"


"Well... alright."

"Thanks, Chief. And... thanks."


"For looking out for me even when I make it tough."

"No problem -- I love you, Jim."

"Love you too, Blair."





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