Living On My Own



Rating NC-17

Warnings: Kink - but mild.

A/N: Solo sex, Jim-style, but definitely still J/B slash! Not beta'd.


Jim reclined on his bed, several pillows behind his back supporting him in a semi-seated position. He had everything he needed for this session on the nightstand next to him. The loft was secure; the phone ringer was turned off, as was the volume on the answering machine. Even his cellphone was switched off. The blinds were down, turning the afternoon dim, but the light was more than adequate for Jim's heightened sense of sight.

Giving a small sigh of satisfaction, Jim relaxed into his pillows and began to run his hands gently over his body, taking the time to refamiliarise himself with his own skin. He had his touch dial turned up high, making even the tips of his fingers skimming his chest feel electric. He was already started to get hard, just from this much stimulation.

His palm drifted across his nipples, touching them lightly, feeling them harden, becoming throbbing points on his chest and he moaned a little as he relaxed further, settling more heavily against the supporting pillows. As he continued to tease his nipples with one hand, the other slid down his chest, to skim across his stomach, the touch making the skin there twitch. He'd always been sensitive there, even when his heightened senses were repressed and he didn't linger long. Instead, he moved down to his groin, playing with his pubic hair, idly considering the idea of shaving himself, as he had once upon a time, for a Vice operation. As he played with his balls and teased the base of his cock with his left hand, the right one was now pinching his nipples, making them throb in time with his pulse.

Deciding to move on, he reached across to the nightstand and selected the nipple clamps from his tray of equipment. He pinched each nipple once, hard, then fastened the clamps. Testing them, he tugged on the chain that connected them. He gasped at the sensation it shot through his groin and hastily dialed down touch, as he squeezed hard on his cock. He'd nearly finished things before he'd begun, then.

Deep breathing calmed him down, and he moved back from the edge of coming. Picking up the lube from the nightstand, he coated the fingers of his right hand, as well as the palm of his left. He began to stroke his cock, using a light grip, still nowhere near ready to come. The index finger of his right hand probed at his hole, the tip rubbing across the muscle, coaxing it to relax. His eyes closed and a smile grew on his face as memories played across the inside of his mind. The techniques of sense memory Blair had taught him, worked as well on remembering sexual encounters, as they did when trying to remember crime scenes or old answering machine messages.

Jim lost himself in memories of good times; three fingers now deeply buried in his ass as he worked his cock. Deciding he was ready to build to the explosive finish, he reluctantly eased his fingers out of the tight heat that gripped them, then reached for a baby wipe. Picking up one of the final two items on his tray, he quickly secured the ball gag in place, knowing he would get loud at the end. Then he reached for the last item, a large dildo, and lubed it thoroughly.

Settling back on the bed again, he positioned the dildo at the entrance to his body, and pushed. The muscle gave easily, stretched from its earlier workout and the dildo slid smoothly inside. Jim began to stroke his cock again, using a firmer stroke this time. As he did so, he continued to manipulate the dildo, pulling it out slowly, only to push it in hard again. The strokes across his prostate had him grunting and moaning around his gag and he sped up his jerking off.

Sensing how close he was to the edge, Jim pushed the dildo in deep and left it there, tugging on the chain attached to the nipple clamps. One final stroke along his cock, and he was coming hard, clenching tightly around the toy in his ass. His head fell back and he screamed into the gag, milking his cock through the spasms, as his come poured out to land on his chest and belly.

Jim lay there for a while, still breathing hard, before he was able to rip the Velcro of the gag open and throw it to one side. He then removed the nipple clamps gently, before slowly pulling the dildo from his ass, shuddering as his hole spasmed at the loss. That done, he continued to lie spent, recovering from the incredible orgasm, before he found the energy to reach for the wipes to clean his come from his skin.

When he had finished cleaning himself, he staggered from the bed on still-shaky legs, taking the tray of equipment to his dresser. It could wait till morning, he decided, feeling the lethargy of sleep weighing on him. The final task before he could return to bed and give into that lethargy, was to turn off the video camera at the foot of the bed.

He hoped Blair liked his birthday present.


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