Mary, Mary!

By Paddyg


Warnings: allusions to dorkiness; mild language

Note: My first attempt at TS, having just recently discovered the joys of Jim and Blair. You all are quite inspiring and it's great fun to read different perspectives on the boys in this community. Would be most grateful for criticisms, suggestions and advice. Thanks!


Is this thing on? Oh yeah, red light, tape turning. Thumb on the button, it records; thumb off and it d--

OK, then.

*ahem* First entry. No, that's for written diaries. First what? Announcement? Message? I don't know. Doesn't matter.

Note to self: thank Terry for this. Admit that while it is true I can talk faster than I can write, it is most certainly not true that I can't read my own scribbling.

*ouch* Damn! Probably not necessary to look at recorder while walking.

On my way to Cascade General in response to call from Terry, no, Mary.

Note to self: Mary, Mary!

Second note to self: think before saying her name, also, send flowers.

She says there's a guy there who sounds like the man in my novel. In my novel? I like Mary, I do, but sometimes I think her IQ could be measured by a thermometer.


Come on, baby, come on. You have gas, you have oil, you have antifreeze. Come on and start! Start, you piece of shit car, or your destiny -- your very karma -- is the junk yard… Oh, great. Smile and wave. Yes, folks, everything's normal, just keep walking, nothing to see here.

Note to self: speaking into a microphone probably makes you look like a dork.


I am cool. I am so very cool. Dr Sandburg. Yes, every Jewish mother's dream.

White coat, stethoscope, clipboard. Thank you, Terry.

Yes, I look the part, but it's this little tape recorder that proves beyond a doubt I am important. Nobody will bother as I walk down the hall, talking into this recorder. So, I'm talking, walking, talking, walking.

Note to self: not necessary to act like a dork at every opportunity. And stop bouncing! You're a doctor, for crissakes.


OK, so it didn't go all that well. Somehow, I must not be a very convincing doctor. Puzzling. I had the white coat, the stethoscope, the clipboard. Wonder what gave me away?

But still, I think he was interested. I know he was interesting. Can't tell if he is the real thing, but he might be. He just might be.

Note to self: thank Terry sincerely for heads-up.

Second note to self: Mary, Mary!

Review Dr Burton's book. If I see this guy again, if he does show up, it's important to make a good impression. Very important. Be professional, erudite, articulate. Ensure that he knows I respect him as a highly evolved human being. That will get our relationship off on the right note.

*ouch* Damn! Remember. It is not necessary to look at recorder while walking.


Once again, it did not go well. Not well at all. Man, that guy's a hard-ass. I might have forgotten a bit of the professional, erudite, articulate part, but he threw me against the wall. Against the wall! That is Neanderthal behavior at its finest.

I'm not even so sure he is the real thing. Shouldn't he be more sensitive? Who could work with a guy like that? Who would even want to? Not me. I'm not wasting my time. No, Naomi's little boy has better things to do than watch out for some cranky, unapproachable, unappreciative bastard. Screw him, he can go play in traffic, for all I care.

No, wait! Wait, there's one other thing…


First entry.

This journal is to be a repository of observations, hypotheses and test results, and will be used strictly for the academic purpose of studying a possible sense-heightened individual.

Man, my hand's tired already. I can't write as fast as I talk, it's true, and I'm afraid I'll forget some things. I miss that little tape recorder. Of course, a notebook won't shatter if it becomes necessary to throw myself -- and him -- to the ground, but still, it was handy.

Note to self: still need to thank Terry.

Second note to self: Mary, Mary!


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