Merrow's Guide - Pt 2

By Enola Jones


Rating: PG

Notes: Chapter two of my Merrow's Guide story. Late, but with a new baby, things just don't get done on time. Sorry.


"Have I mentioned how much I hate stakeouts?" Blair asked, leaning back against the seat.

"Only a million times, Chief," Jim chuckled. Then he sobered slightly. "Did you bring enough canteens?"

"Enough to wet my bandanna and give myself plenty of air all night if I have to," Blair assured him.

Jim tilted his head and regarded his partner with such scrutiny that Blair actually squirmed. "What?" he finally asked.

"It's almost like being an alien, isn't it?" Jim asked softly. "You have to have your own supply of water with you all the time - just to breathe."

Blair smiled at him. "It's not that bad, Jim. I can still go up to four hours without the bandanna. It's just hard to and this is much easier. Thank you for this, by the by. Now I know I can live a normal life. Even WITH gills." The smile was genuine.

Seeing that, Jim relaxed. "All right. You know if anything weirder happens, you can talk to me, right?"

Blair nodded. He wasn't quite ready to tell Jim about the strange things that were happening with his senses when he was underwater. It wasn't time yet.

Jim suddenly stiffened. "Call it in, Chief. Our target's on the move!"

As he reached for the radio to report what Jim was seeing and hearing, Blair sent up a silent prayer of thanksgiving that this stakeout was finally coming to an end.


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