Merrow's Guide - Pt 3

By Enola Jones


Rating: PG

Notes: Chapter three of my Merrow's Guide story. I think this one may actually be on time!


After a discouraging night, the partners returned home. Blair dropped his backpack behind the couch and growled, "I don't believe him for an instant!"

"Me either," Jim snarled. "Seems a bit too convenient that our star witness against Jefferson suddenly has amnesia."

"Very SELECTIVE amnesia as well," Blair gused. "He remembers everything ELSE, but nothing about Jefferson. Too damned convenient."

"I'm going to pay him a visit tomorrow," Jim sighed as he locked the doors. "I'm too tired tonight."

"Tomorrow afternoon, if you don't mind," Blair said as he entered his room and began to untie his shoes. "I need at least ten hours sleep."

"Make it twelve and you've got a deal," Jim sighed as he weaved his way toward the stairs.

Blair pulled his outer clothing off and tumbled into the tank. He didn't even register he did what he did next.

Now that his senses hyped up - since he was in the water - Blair stretched out his hearing and locked onto Jim's heartbeat. Finding it strong and steady in sleep, he did a mental triangulation.

Realising Jim was square in the centre of his bed, Blair smiled and rolled over onto his side, falling asleep in seconds.

All was well with the Merrow's world again.


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