Merrow's Guide 6

By Enola Jones

The waitress served the calamari and walked away, smiling as the man and woman talked. She knew detective Connors - she knew she was a wonderful woman and a fine detective.

And she wouldn't mind getting to know Detective Connor's date better as well…

When Detective Connor headed to the ladies' room, she decided to follow. She figured she could ask her some questions about her date, maybe see if they were serious…

Strangely, the door to the ladies' room was lost.

She frowned and pulled out her key. She opened the door and walked in - only to stop short in the doorway and gape.

Detective Connor whirled to face her, snarling at her to get out!

She didn't need to be told twice. Opening the door, she ran as fast as her legs could take her. Out of the restroom, out of the restaurant altogether, down the street - crying and shaking with fear.

She'd seen Detective Connor wetting her scarf in the sink. She'd seen the six gill slits on the back of her neck opening and closing, drinking the water greedily from the long red hair that half-hid them.

What in Heaven's name WAS she??


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