Merrow's Guide Chapter One

By Enola Jones

Blair sighed as he tied the bandanna around his throat once more. It had been a year since he'd been turned into a merrow - a merman without fins - and every day was still a challenge.

It wasn't so much the sleeping in a water tank or the having to wear and periodically wet a bandanna around his gills just so he could breathe and function out of water. No, he was used to all that by now.

No, what was the challenge was two-fold. Firstly, Blair had started to notice that things were --- different --- underneath the water. All of a sudden, he could hear things and see things and smell things and feel things and taste things he should not be able to.

On land, that was not the case. On land, he was a normal human being - well, as normal as one could get with gills. But under the water…

If he didn't know better, he could swear that he was as much a Sentinel under the waves as he was a Shaman above them.

Good thing he knew better.

The other problem was, Blair was LONELY. For all Jim's 'table leg' jokes, Blair hadn't had any resemblance of a relationship since he'd become a merrow. He'd even welcome a female FRIEND right about now.

Especially underwater. Especially there - that was where the loneliness was most acute. There, he was terribly aware that he was the ONLY merrow around.

That there was nobody like him.

At all.


She sighed as she tied the scarf around her throat. Sleeping in a tank didn't bother her, nor did the periodic wetting of her multicoloured scarves so she could live on land.

She looked in the mirror and sighed again. No, what was bothering her was the loneliness.

Back in Australia, she'd had a bevy of friends. Above and below the waves, they were inseparable.

But now her job had taken her to Cascade, where she was the only merrow. The only mermaid without fins.

There were moments where Megan Connor knew she was going to go mad from the isolation.


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