Minimum Body Contact
by Castalie

"Jim, don't!"

The hand that was working its way down Blair's front stopped, but didn't leave.

"You feel so good, babe."

Blair felt his lover suddenly nuzzle the nape of his neck. "I'm fucking hot, Jim. Stop that."

With Jim still stubbornly pressed against his back, he felt as much as heard his Sentinel's chuckle.

"That's right, Chief. You're *hot*."

"You know what I mean."

"True enough." Jim resumed his stroking, a little more forcefully this time. "You just smell so good."

"I don't. I smell gross, and I'm sweaty."

Jim lapped at his neck in lazy strokes. "Tasty, too." His hand rested just above Blair's cock. "Iím gonna fuck you good, babe. I won't take no for an answer."

"What, you think you just have to go alpha on me, and I'm going to roll over?"

"Yeah," came the smug reply.

Blair moaned as his cock was squeezed. "Okay, so you're right, but it's still too hot, man! Jiiim, wait!" Resigned -and yes, aroused- he turned on his back and spread himself wide.

The glare he directed at Jim only turned out mischievous, how could anyone resist James Ellison? He wriggled a bit. "You do the work, then. I'll just lay there."

Jim literally growled at the picture of a spread-eagle, aroused and sweat-slicked Blair. He pounced on him-

"Wait! You're gonna fuck me with my legs over your shoulders, right?"


Blair shook his head. "Too much body contact, Jim."

"What?" Welcome to the Sandburg Zone. Hopefully, he and his dick would survive.

"," Blair repeated.

Jim leaned forward, and bit his Guide's lips. "Babe, my dick wants some action."

"Know what, Jim?" Blair sighed dramatically. "Romance is dead!"

"Okay, what about 'my dick wants some romantic action with your sweet ass', then?"

Blair pretended to think about it, and nodded. "On all fours, maybe?"

He was *immediately* turned over, ass up in the air, a more than aroused Jim behind him, fingers already stretching him wide.


"What, now!"

"You trying to kill me?"

"I just want to fuck you, I thought it was obvious."

Blair looked over his shoulders. "You're going to cover my back after the *second* thrust." Damn if his tone didn't turn accusing. "I know you, man."

"Let me guess, too much body contact?"

Blair nodded again, casting a totally fake pleading look at his lover. "I'm just so hot, Jim."

"My poor baby is hot, uh?" A gleam appeared in Jim's eyes. "I'm going to make you hot for a good reason, Chief."

Before Blair could protest, he found himself slightly bent over the dresser, braced on his hands, Jim positioned behind him so that only his pelvis came in contact with his ass. Two firm hands grasped his hips.

Jim's heated words went with the heated atmosphere. "See, babe, who said your Sentinel couldn't take care of you?" He --finally-- slid slowly into his lover's ass. "Maximum penetration, " he thrusted hard. "Minimum body contact."





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