Moving Pictures
by Phoeniki




Pairing: Jim/Blair, Blair/Other
A/N: I can't believe I missed the deadline on the first challenge I've ever posted a reply to. This is a snippet/side story from a longer fic I'm working on, called Guided Magic. It's a Harry Potter crossover. Remus and Sirius are a couple; Jim and Blair are about to become one.



The pictures were beautiful. They were wonderfully detailed, and full of color. They were certainly the most realistic photographs Jim had ever seen. They looked almost three-dimensional. In fact...

“Jesus Christ Sandburg!” Jim yelped. “Your pictures are moving!”

Blair glanced up from his copy of Magical Theories and Principles. “Yes, Jim. They're mostly wizarding photos, and that's what wizarding photos do.”

Fascinated, Jim returned his attention to the mantle. There were only a few photos, but it was obvious that they were all important to Blair. One was the photo that Simon had taken when they went fishing together. In another one, he could see Blair and Remus laughing and shoving at each other as they walked down an alley. Comparatively, the one of he and Blair looked flat and dull. Another was a group picture of Blair and several people he didn't recognize, at what looked at a graduation ceremony. Since everyone was in robes, Jim assumed it was Hogwarts graduation. The fourth was at the center of the mantle, framed in silver. Blair was in a Rainier graduation gown, beaming up at a smiling Bill Weasley. He was about to return his attention to the group photo when something caught his eye.


Blair looked up in concern at Jim's slightly strangled tone of voice.

“Yes?” he asked cautiously.

“Have you ever shown these photos to anyone?”

“Yeah, lots of people have seen them. I mean, they're some of my favorites, so I usually have them out wherever I'm staying.”

“And it doesn't bother you at all?”

“No,” he said slowly. “Is there any reason it should?” Blair set his book aside, and walked toward the mantle. Jim snatched a picture off the mantle, and stepped back a pace.

“No, there's no real reason,” Jim answered mischievously. “In fact, I think a lot more people should see this one.” Jim held up the photo he had grabbed. Instead of the picture of Remus and Blair walking through Diagon Alley that Blair expected, the two of them were standing in the middle of the alley-way snogging. Blair gaped at it in disbelief.

“In fact, I'm sure Sirius would love to see it.”

Blair slowly stalked toward Jim. “You wouldn't dare.”

“You know, I'm sure your students would just love to see this too,” he continued, ignoring his partner. “And I bet Remus doesn't have a copy anymore either.”

“Jim, I have to teach those students! So does Remus!” Blair lunged for the photo, but Jim danced out of his reach.

“And it would look just lovely in the staff lounge, don't you think? After all, Dumbledore has said that he wants more pictures of his staff.” Jim grinned, continuing to back toward the door. “In fact, I think I'll go see him now.” Laughing, Jim escaped through the door, his guide's voice following him into the corridor.

“Jim!!! Give that back!! Jim!!!





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